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How to Unlock a Password Protected PDF Files for Edit or Print

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In order to protect the PDF files from copying and editing, some PDF creators could set passwords to protect the copy right. If you want to reuse the PDF content, you may contact the author for password. If you can't contact the author and the PDF file is really important for you, how can you unlock PDF password for edit and collect some information from the locked files?

Fortunately, there are various PDF unlock free tools available in the market. SmartKey PDF Password Recovery is the powerful PDF password recovery software that can recover PDF documents open password and let you copy, edit and print the content of the files freely. It is a Windows installable program that is compatible with all Windows versions including the newest Windows 8. It is the offline password recovery shareware, being safer than PDF online unlock service. The tutorial below tells you how to unlock PDF documents for print step by step.

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How to Unlock Secured PDF Files

Step 1. Download and Install PDF Password Recovery Program

Download and install SmartKey PDF unlocker software in any Windows computer. This program works well in Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2012, 2011, 2008, etc.

Step 2. One Click to Import Password restricted PDF File

Launch the program, in the main interface, click "Open" button to input password secured PDF documents. This program recovers PDF files no matter what language is.

unlock PDF Password

Step 3. Set Password Unlock Options

There are three types of password crack options: Brute-force attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary. Please select the most appropriate one and set the proper parameters the type. Then click "Start" to begin password crack. The process might take hours or even days. It all depends on your computer's processing power. Good news is SmartKey PDF Password Unlocker can unlock password with multi-core CPU processing and GPU acceleration which makes the speed 5X than other PDF unlocker software.

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  • Brute-force attack: This option will try all characters and numbers one by one to find the right password. It takes more time. However, it is more efficiently.
  • Brute-force attack with Mask: You can set the password length, character scope, etc. The program will check password within the range you have indentified. This option is good for those who have some impression of the password.
  • Dictionary: You can write all possible passwords in the .txt document, the program will help you sift them and choose the right now in no time. This is the quickest one if you have a backup document in advance.

Step 4. Decrypt PDF File

When you have successfully found the password, a window will pop up with the found key. Copy it and use it to unlock PDF file for print or edit. Then you can reuse PDF files with no limitation.

how to unlock pdf password

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