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How to Crack Password-protected PDF Documents

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How to crack PDF document password?

PDF is a popular and widely used format to publish eBooks and prepare professional documents. To protect the copy right of PDF documents, authors usually set passwords to protect the security. Have you even used a textbook PDF with millions of limitations? How can you crack PDF password to edit or print PDF file and read decrypted secured PDF files?

In general, PDF documents password restriction can be applied in two ways. One is by restricting a few functions like printing, copying or modifying the PDF document. This password is usually called "Owner Password". The other way is to password protect it in a manner that might prevent you from accessing or opening the PDF file. We usually call this one "Open Password". No matter what password is, you can crack PDF security with SmartKey PDF Password Recovery. It helps you remove all restrictions in PDF files within few minutes. The following tutorial tells how to crack PDF password specifically.

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How to Crack Password-protected PDF Documents

Step 1. Download and Install PDF Password Cracker Tool

Download SmartKey PDF Password Recovery and install it on any Windows PCs. This software works well on all Windows platform. It supports Windows 8 and Windows server 2012 as well. It is the offline tool, securer and more private than PDF password cracker online service.

Step 2. Import Password Restricted PDF Files

Run the program. In the main interface, click "Open" button to add encrypted PDF documents. To one's delight, this tool supports the newest Acrobat 9.0(PDF 1.7).

Crack PDF Password

Step 3. Choose a Password Attack Mode and Set Its Parameters

There are three password attack modes: Brute-force attack, brute-force attack with mask and dictionary. Each mode owns key features that let you decrypt the file quickly and efficiently. Choose the most suitable one and click "Option" to set parameters of each mode.

pdf password cracker

Step 4. Crack PDF Password

Once you have identified all options, just click "Start" button to begin PDF security crack. The whole process will take a few minutes. The detailed time depends on the password length and complexity. When the software successfully found the password, a window with the password will pop up. You can copy the key and use it to decrypt PDF files and reuse PDF documents freely.

how to crack pdf password

There are other PDF password cracker freeware on the internet as well. However, SmartKey is the quickest and most reliable one with multi-core CPU processing and GPU acceleration.

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