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Forgot Facebook Password? 2 Methods on How to Hack Facebook Password

2012-11-03 23:30:05 / Posted by Michael Eric to Online Website
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"How to hack Facebook account and password? I forgot my FB password and lost the connection with my online friends."

"I forgot facebook password and security question. Is there any solution to facebook password recovery?"

"Help, I forgot facebook password and email, how can I reset facebook password wihout email."

It is a good security practice to use a complex password for Facebook account that you create. However, you are likely to meet the dilemma like "I forgot Facebook password" if you have not used an account in a while. If you have returned to Facebook, you find that you can't access to your Facebook account.

Fortunately, there are 2 approaches that are worth looking into if you forgot Facebook password.

The official way, and ... well, the not-so-official ways. We highly recommend you to try the 2rd method to reset Facebook password directly: it is easy and effective. Most important point is there is no any limitation.

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Method 1. Hack Facebook Password with Security Questions

Facebook's password recovery system can walk you through the process of getting reconnected. If you failed to make it, please resort to facebook password finder and take method 2 for reference.

Limitations: If you didn't remember your Email address, your name, or mobile number, which works similarly, skip to the next methods of cracking Facebook password.

Now follow the tutorial below to hack Facebook password with Email:

  • Step 1: Navigate in your Web browser to, and click the "Forgot your password?" link in the upper-right corner of the page.

    Forgot Facebook Password

  • Step 2: Type your email, phone number or username into the screen.
  • Step 3: Type the Security code shown in the box and then click Submit. This is used to prevent automatic hacking attempts.
  • Step 4: Identify your account, if the account matched your search, click "This Is My Account link".
  • Step 5: Press "Reset Password" to require a Facebook password reset Email.
  • Step 6: Click the link in your Email with a six-digit Facebook reset code and answer any security questions by Facebook. This brings back to the Facebook website.
  • Step 7: Enter a new password and then confirm it. Click "Change Password" button.

    facebook password hacker

Now you have successfully remove forgotten facebook password and you canl be back connecting with your family, friends and coworkers in no time. If you have any question about the steps on how to hack Facebook using Email, you could also contact Facebook's customer service at

Method 2. 100% Hack Facebook Password Instantly Using Facebook Password Cracker Software

Facebook Password Cracker is all-in-one password recovery bundle, and one of its functions is to recover Facebook password cached in various browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, IE and etc. No need to provide security questions, no need to set the browser to remember the passwords, it is flexible enough for you to hack Facebook Email and password if you forgot Facebook password.

Additional: It can be used when you forgot browser password, such as forgot IE password, forgot firefox password.

With only 2 steps, you can find forgotten Facebook password. Below is the short guide:

  • Step 1: Launch this Facebook Password Cracker, and click "Start Recovery" and then choose "Recover Firefox Password" from the down-drop list.
  • Step 2: After a while, you will get a list of all passwords (including Facebook password), as well as URLs, accounts you have saved in Firefox.

    hack facebook password

Done! Next time, if you forgot Facebook password, try Facebook Password Cracker to bypass Facebook password directly since it is really straightforward.

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